Revolve Lemon Drop CBD Vape

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Revolve CBD provides a convenient, portable & discreet way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Our pens are custom formulated with natural flavors and hemp derived CBD extract. Each flavor is formulated to enhance the CBD experience and provides a smooth and flavorful taste.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Pure Hemp CBD Isolate, Terpenes and Natural Flavoring

Use: EnjoyRevolve CBD Lemon Drop vaporize daily as needed.

250mg per pen

All products are pure hemp CBD and contain no THC.

1 review for Revolve Lemon Drop CBD Vape

  1. Alex M.

    Do you vape? If so you MUST try the lemon drop CBD vape pen. It reminds me of old school lemon head candy and helps me take the edge off. It’s dope!

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